Electrical problems you face at home can cause inconveniences and ruin your standard of living, which is why solving your electrical needs for your home is our number one priority. Whether you are building your first home or interested in upgrades to turn your house into a dream home, ArtVesta dedicated professionals will supply you with the highest standards of service. We also  have the experience and equipment to handle everything from routine maintenance to entire plant installations.



ArtVesta acknowledges the importance of energy efficiency, as well as recognizes the economics of the purchasing and installing the lighting fixtures. Lighting has on-going costs due to the use of electricity and the maintenance of fixtures. At ArtVesta we analyze lighting based on life-cycle costing. Our expert advice with planning and installing of light fixtures will provide your space with sufficient lighting and still save watts and dollars.



At ArtVesta we realize that light is an essential human need, as well as one of the most important components of the interior design. Light impacts psychological and physiological reactions and affects our perception of the ambience. Improper lighting can produce glare, cause headaches and eyestrain. It also affects our emotions and lack or insufficient light could lead to feeling of depression and gloom. Successful lighting on the other hand, ensures the pleasant and comfortable environment and fits the specific needs of the space. Low-level lighting creates intimate, cozy and relaxing atmosphere; bright lighting is invigorating and active.  Aesthetically, it should reflect and complement the style of the interior and ArtVesta will help you select and place the lighting that will enhance your space positively.


One simple way to enhance the style and security of your home is to install outdoor lighting. Whether it’s on your garden, balcony, or just the walkway to your front door, there are many types of outdoor lighting options in the market. Fixtures such as LED down lights, safety sensor lights, and wall lanterns are common units that are designed for external usage to highlight the outdoor areas of your home! Get a licensed electrician to help you  when it comes to outdoor lighting.